Hope Snow Photography

This week marks the initial release of Hope Snow Photography, a new site I’ve just completed. Hope Snow is a photographer in the Gadsden, Alabama area, specializing in weddings and engagements as well as fine art photographs. I think you will find her approach to capturing the romance and expectancy of the moment is refreshing and she has obviously invested a lot of time and attention into sharpening her craft. In conceptualizing how we wanted to present her business on the web, two important themes emerged.

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Circuit Bending

My First Pedal Mod (part 2)

Let’s Program Your Big Muff

Now that the digital pot is able to control the distortion, the Big Muff is capable of tremolo. Actually, it is now only capable of tremolo and does not have much in the way of control. In part two of the Big Muff mod, I will walk through changes that I have implemented and had a lot of fun with. Read on to see how I set tempo and depth controls.

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