Circuit Bending

With my passions combined…

I recently was asked to play guitar and sing with a small prayer group that gets together once a week. For years my guitar has accumulated dust as has my ability to play it. After digging the old girl out, though, I discovered that the passion is still alive down in there somewhere. The skill has certainly oxidized a bit after so much time on the shelf while I pursue my career in IT and balance that with growing my family. Now, it has taken a depressing amount of labor to haul out the scales and progressions and so on, but picking up new songs has emerged more quickly than I expected. Also, I have noticed that my ear for the sound has matured. The nuance and quiet in music has become more interesting. Now, all of this great and I would likely be very happy with just the renewal of interest in playing and singing good songs. However, an unexpected piece has come into the picture.

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